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We only work for the good companies.

Huge cities need huuuge social innovations.

We founded This is Huuuge in 2016 with the idea that we can magnify the positive impact that other people’s ideas create. We can figure out ways to create new kind of sustainable business models for new and traditional businesses that bring benefits to many. We call ourselves impact agents. We transform businesses and business ideas into social and sustainable businesses.

Social and Sustainable Business

Unlike traditional businesses social businesses re-invest profits back to generate sustainable social impact. In other words profit is used to further deepen the positive dent that the business has created so far. The profit is not made solely for the shareholders.

Huuuge Founders

Mikko Perälä

Mikko is a start-up entrepreneur at heart. He is a forerunner in social entrepreneurship field in Finland and excellent in embedding impact into business processes regardless of the industry or business field.

Niina Meskus

Niina has extensive knowledge in building creative business strategies for companies and organisations. Her versatile background helps her to view business operations from different angles and to put pieces of the puzzle together so that they create meaningful and impactful entities.